About the E-Book

Worm Farming For Beginners is a concise, factual, exploration of wormfarming.

It has  been written so it is an easy to read, simple to understand, 91 page E-Book.

This is a 3 tier learning tool which is great for beginners, enthusiasts and the professional.

With the added “fun interactive section” to reinforce the key points of this highly relevant publication.

Get into “worm farming for beginners”  as it is informative and fun for all potential worm farmers.

Worm Farming For Beginners has been specifically designed for the beginner worm farmer.

There is also an interactive section for teachers and technical facts for the enthusiast.

Worm Farming For Beginners equips you with everything you need to know for creating your own backyard worm farm.

  • Step-by-step guides of how to build simple, effective worm farms.
  • The economical, environmental, and person benefits to creating your own micro-environment.
  • Uses for the products, the do’s and donts of worm farming,
  • What to feed and what not to feed the worms.
  • A troubleshooting guide for all those un-answered questions.
  • A fun, interactive section for teachers/parents to test their knowledge.

Enjoy having worms!

You are never too young or old to have worms 🙂

Contents Page of “Worm Farming For Beginners”

5 –    Nature’s Friend Poem
8 –    Why Have a Worm Farm
13 –  What is a Worm
16 –  The Framework of a Worm
18 –  How Worms Reproduce
20 –  How Worms Breathe
20 –  How Worms Move
21 –  How Worms Eat
22 –  Different Housing Structures
24 –  Bedding Material
26 –  Bathtub Worm Farm
30 –  Garden Bed Worm Farm
34 –  Styrofoam Box Worm Farm
38 –  Garbage Can Worm Farm
43 –  What to Feed the Worms
45 –  How to Feed the Worms
46 –  Herbs for the Worm Farm
48 –  Castings, Vermicast and Worm Juice
49 –  Harvesting the Worms, Vermi-Compost and Juice
50 –  Using the Vermi-Compost and Juice
52 –  General Info
54 –  What is Wrong with the Worm Farm (FAQ)
60 –  The Land Beneath Our Feet Poem
62 –  Wiggly Jokes
64 –  Games
72 –  Colour Me In
74 –  Game Answers
79 –  Notes and Observations
85 –  Bibliography and Recommended Reading
86 –  Glossary
90 –  Index