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Radio Interview – Gardening part 2.

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Gavin Bullock of Gavin Bullock Horticultural completed his 2nd live to air radio interview this morning on ABC  91.7FM.

Todays topics were:  Habitat Gardens and Moon Planting.

The interview will be posted in 3 weeks time.  Stay tuned for regular gardening interviews every 3 weeks!

Radio Interviews!

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There is now a new section of  the website with the addition of audio!  You can now listen to our latest  radio interviews taped live  with  ABC 91.7FM.

Part One (A): Gavin Bullock of Gavin Bullock Horticultural:  listen in to learn a little more about Gavin and pick up some very handy gardening tips along the way!

Stay tuned for Part One (B):  Author of  “Worm Farming for Beginners”  – Katharine Northey.  Listen in to hear me talk about worm farming, herb gardening and grab a pen for handy tips for the garden!

Teachers Resources.

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Worm farming for Beginners has an interactive learning section for parents and teachers alike!  There are many games and activities to test the skills and knowledge

that are gained through reading “Worm Farming for Beginners.” Teachers- test your students new found knowledge through fun activities including true or false,

word searches, find-a- words, crosswords, poetry writing, spot the difference and more!  Parents – keep the kids entertained while their learning at the same time!

True or False?

1) You can use the worms from your garden to create a composting worm farm…

2) Worms love sunlight…

3) A piece of bread of soaked in milk will help lure mites out of the worm farm…

4) Leaches and worms live happily together…

5) Horse and cow manure is a great bedding material for starting a worm farm…

For the answers to this quizz and many more ‘testers” simply purchase “Worm Farming For Beginners”.