Build a worm farm

There are many different types of media that can be used to create a worm farm. The following are just some of the options available that are economical as well as accessible to the average householder.

I find this to be my preference when setting up a farm. It is easily accessible for aeration, feeding, cultivation and the collection of by-products.

The Bathtub Method.

Located under a deciduos tree for shade iin teh summer and warmth in the winter.

Located under a deciduos tree for shade in the summer and warmth in the winter.

You Will Need:

– Bicarbonate soda, vinegar and a scrubbing brush.

– A bathtub.

– Dead twigs, leaves etc.

– Green waste – fresh leaves, twigs etc.

– Bedding material.

– Composting worms

– Chamomile tea and a watering can and …

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Steps for construction:

Step One

– Find a bathtub, either new or used (try your local refuse station), and thoroughly clean and rinse it.

Step Two

– The bathtub should then be elevated off the earth with bricks with one end sloping back towards the ground. This should be the end with the drain hole in it. A container to catch the “worm tea” should then be placed under the drain hole.

Step Three

Now the layering process begins.

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