Radio Interviews

This is now a new section of  the website :  the addition of audio!

You can now listen to our latest  radio interviews taped live  with  ABC 91.7FM.

Gavin Bullock owner/operator of:  Gavin Bullock Horticultural:

Gavin has been running his local, family operated Horticultural Consultancy business for 5 years now.  He has been in the horticultural industry for the past 20 though, working in both wholesale and retail nurseries, managing a soil/potting mix company, and has even been a teacher for the Diploma of Horticulture.  Gavin also holds regular gardening workshops, garden club presentations and guest appearances at local business’s. So if your in the need of a professional, intellegent, down to earth team to:

  • Reinvigerate your garden,
  • Design your newest project,
  • Landscape your acerage block,
  • Turn that old horse paddock into a productive vegetable patch or,
  • Simply come out to your place and have a chat about what going on in your garden , or to find out “What is this tree??”

If you’d like to know a little more about Gavin and his sustainable gardening techniques  listen in to his latest radio interviews.

Gavin Bullock Horticultural- Part One:        Practical advise on sustainable  gardening  and gardening design tips.

Play it now!

Katharine Northey – Author of  “Worm Farming for Beginners” .

Listen in to hear me talk about worm farming, herb gardening and grab a pen and paper  for handy tips for the garden!