About the author

As labour of love and with a passion of a keen horticulturist, Katharine has always had worms (composting worms that is!) and has been up to her elbows in castings.

Pottering through the vegie gardens observing nature at work , with a smile from ear to ear, castings all over her she once remarked: “I’m going to write a book on worm farming, everyone should enjoy this!”

And now, here it is, the results of her passion. I believe Katharine achieved her goal and i hope many people will enjoy this book as much as she had fun in the creation of it.

Get growing with “Worm Farming for Beginners”.

It’s easy to read, fun to explore and great for the young and old.

Have fun and “grow well”

Gavin Bullock,

Gavin Bullock Horticultural.