Benefits For The Garden.

Worm castings are recognised through out the world as the richest natural, chemical free plant food known to man. (, 2008)

Castings are odourless, non toxic, and are suitable to use on all plants, including delicate seedlings.

By adding worm castings to your existing garden soil you will be actively helping plant growth by:

Increasing the organic matter (humus) content.

This will make your soil less likely to become compacted.

Increasing the water retaining qualities.

Castings can retain up to 9 times there weight in water.

(Sherman-Huntoon, Rhonda. “Potential markets for vermiculture and Vermicomposting operations”)

Increasing the drainage which reduces water logging and root rot.

Adding beneficial bacteria which aids in plant health.

Promoting the aeration qualities.

Providing food for beneficial organisms.

Providing an immediately available water soluble plant food which is rich in nutrients.

Castings act as a powerful biocide against disease and nematodes. Castings strengthen the cell walls increasing the plants resistance to fungal disease, frost, and insect


The point of terminal wilt is also greater.