Worm Farming

So You Want To Know About Worm Farming?

Worm Farming For BeginnersWorm Farming For Beginners is packed with handy tips, photos and step by step do-it-yourself instructions on how to create a healthy worm farm.

This comprehensive guide equips you with everything you need to know for creating your own backyard worm farm.

Worm Farming For Beginners is a 3 tier learning tool which is great for beginners, enthusiasts and the professional.

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So You Want To Know About Worm Farming?

Everything You Need To Know, Including:

  • Step-by-step guides of how to build simple, effective worm farms.
  • The economical,environmental, and person benefits to creating your own micro-environment.
  • What to feed and what not to feed the worms.
  • A troubleshooting guide for all those un-answered questions.
  • A fun,interactive section for teachers/parents to test their knowledge.

When first introduced to composting worms I was slightly hesitant to delve my clean hands into a bath full of slimy worms and their droppings.

Ten years later, you can’t keep me away! Once you’ve created your own worm farm you’ll never be able to live without one.

There is also an interactive section for teachers and technical facts for the enthusiast.

Why Start A Worm Farm?

What many people don’t realise is that there are actually several reasons to start a worm farm, or vermi-compost as it’s sometimes known. For instance, some fisherman will start a worm farm as a source of bait for their fishing outings. However, perhaps the biggest reason is the fact that worm farming has the dual effect of disposing of most unwanted organic products you may have around the house, such as food scraps, and also producing an extremely high quality organic fertiliser.


In fact, the level of quality of worm castings (the fertiliser) is considered to be almost 20 times that of comparable good quality fertile soil.

People sometimes wonder if a conventional compost heap will work just as well as using a worm farm, without the hassle of having to look after the worms. While the two processes are similar in several ways, there’s no doubt that worm farming is considerably more efficient, and beneficial. For starters, the vermicomposting process occurs at a much quicker rate than a conventional compost heap and more importantly, the end product is of a much higher quality due to the way that worms process the compost. Simply put, the worms are able to break down the materials into much simpler forms, which are more readily available for the needs of plants.

One of the other great reasons for starting a worm farm, is that it can be a fun, simple way to help out the environment by reducing the amount of waste products sent to landfills, and also to produce a high quality organic fertiliser you can use on your own garden. You may be asking yourself, “But how exactly do I set up my own worm farm?” Well, that’s where Worm Farming For Beginners comes in. This ebook is full of hints, tips and guides to help you get started, and is specifically designed with beginners in mind, so the information is all very easy to follow.

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