How Worms Reproduce.

For a really basic explanation on how worms breed: lets start with the “capsule”.

The capsule (or egg) lies in the soil for approximately two to three weeks. After this time the self sufficient baby worms (threads) are hatched. Each capsule contains approximately 2 to 20 threads.

60 – 90 days later the mature worms are ready to breed. Mature worms are recognised by their swollen clitellum, which is approximately 1/3rd of their body length back from their mouth.

Two mature worms then mate. Earthworms are hermaphrodites and need another mature worm to mate with before they can perform both the male and female functions.

They twist and turn, for up to 24 hours, and bring their clitellums into contact. Then each male cell exchanges sperm to fertilise.

Mucous is then secreted to cover the clitellum in a band which forces the sperm and eggs together. Now that the fertalised band has formed, each worm wriggles backwards forcing the fertile band over their heads to form a capsule.